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A bit about me


If you're actively looking for a writer you will have come across lots already. So why me then? Why would you halt your search, for your business, your pride and joy, right now and allow me the pleasure of working with you?


When it comes to writing, after you've appreciated the jazzy websites and skimmed the rows of testimonial logos, I believe it comes down to people.


Personality. Passion. Empathy. Understanding.

I want to learn all about you and your business and I'll listen attentively with a genuine smile as you talk me through it. I love a busy working environment and pride myself on maintaining a sense of calm perspective and humour, whatever the situation. We'll get along, I promise.


A degree in English and Creative Writing, a former Personal Training Business and a lengthy and varied teaching career has meant lots of writing and lots of interaction. For a range of purposes and audiences too. Creative, persuasive, entertaining, informative. Clients, happy colleagues, not-so-happy colleagues, students, happy parents of students, angry parents of students, Headmasters, Admissions staff, Marketing staff, Governors and an increasing number of upcoming businesses.


You will have questioned whether you need to pay someone to write for you. You'll know everything you want to say. You will have gone to bed reciting your bio, your first product launch post, your first witty Blog title. You will have edited that draft a hundred times and doubt will still linger. I'm here to help with that. I've been there too.


Personality, positivity and professionalism are what I pride myself on. If what you've just read sounds good, get in touch and we can talk some more.

Organized and Efficient

"I'd never worked with a writer before this. I found that I always had lots of good ideas, but just couldn't seem to find the time to write them up. I was more than happy to give someone this responsibility so I could focus on booking my calendar out. Once we'd had the initial chat, I knew this was a good idea."


Let’s Work Together

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